Using st.file_uploader to upload file on a remote machine


Hello, I’m trying to upload a file on a streamlit app that I run from a remote machine.
I expected the file uploader to show me the environment of the remote machine to upload a file from, but instead I got my local environment.
Is there a way to access the remote environment?

Steps to reproduce

Create a st.file uploader component, run the app on a different machine, for example an EC2 instance.
Instead of getting the remote environment you’re running the app from, you will get your local one, to choose files for uploading.

When you access an app as a user, your session is with you in whatever browser you are using. You would have to programmatically look up files and present a user with options if you want them to select something from the Streamlit server. I am not aware of any component that would open up file navigation in a file-uploader like widget that points to the Streamlit server. Indeed, that sounds very scary!