File_uploader network Error by uploading too many files

Hi community!

I am happy that the new file_uploader support the upload of more files then befor, but this is not sufficient for my use.

I am currently working on a project where i have to upload 10000+ files at the same time in streamlit. But it seems that file_uploder doens’t support the upload of so many files at the same time. Since i didn’t find a topic regarding that problem i thought i open up a new one.

I tested the new file_upload (version 0.76.0) and i successfully tested 879 files mostly between 4-10 KB with a few around 100-125 KB.
But when i tried to upload 953 files the Network Error occured.

I cache my file_uploader so the file_upload is not rerun every time i change something in the streamlit app. But i don’t think that this could make the network error occure. (Don’t know if this is important info)

Any one else has the same problem and has a sollution, or is there a sollution for the problem in the first place? As before it might be that the file_uploader just can’t handle so many files at the same time.