FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'd:/codes/LogoDetection/logo-detection-system-811c426b1dea.json'

the python code works completely fine in my system but it gives this error on deployment, I’ve tried various other methods too but it doesn’t work
my github repo link: GitHub - vickypedia-12/logo-Detection

Hi @Vikas_Mourya,

The path in the error message (‘d:/codes/LogoDetection/logo-detection-system-811c426b1dea.json’) looks like a path on the local machine where you were running your app before deploying.

You’ll need to edit the path when you deploy it on Community Cloud – either making it a relative path or an absolute path that’s updated to reflect the file structure of your app when it’s deployed, which you can figure out by printing the path to your main Python file:

import os

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