Opencv-python-headless could not solve the issue

I am unable to open the application using strealit cloud.
I got the attached error. kindly support me as I have presentation tomorrow

My repo URL is: GitHub - aamenaa/

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Dis you take a look at the full error details recorded in the logs?

Yes but I couldnit find the main error

It’s working perfectly using my local machine - VSCODE

Maybe somebody more experienced could find it.

HI @jod I see that you are pointing to a file here( at main · aamenaa/ · GitHub) but I don’t see the file in your repository. Can you try adding the file and see if that helps?

this is the repository and I use as the main file.

I already added opencv-python-headless in the requirements.txt but the issue still presist. Do you know the main reason ?

@jod I am not sure but you are referencing a path that does not seem to exist in your code weightsPath = prefix + “yolov3.weights”. The full path is object_detection_model/yolov3.weights but that file does not exist in the folder at main · aamenaa/ · GitHub
Can you upload the file and see if that helps?

All the required file are exist even the weight

There is another file missing when trying to show the image here at main · aamenaa/ · GitHub
I believe the image (./MBZUAI_Logo.jpeg) is probably on your local only.

I uploaded the image, still the same error

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