FileNotFoundError on streamlit's app online but not in local

Hey, I am trying to deploy my first little app. In same directory of the app i have a data directory with some csv file. When I click on link I have error :
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘data/file.csv’

But in local there are functioning so I don’t understand how can I connect the data to my app
the error are in this part of code:
Championshipchoice = st.sidebar.selectbox(“which Championship do you want ?”,(“Tirs_Bundesliga.csv”,“Tirs_PL.csv”,“Tirs_liga.csv”,“Tirs_SerieA.csv”,“Tirs_L1.csv”) )
choice = “data/” + Championshipchoice
TableChoice = pd.read_csv(choice)
So pd.read_csv function don’t find files. I verifying all libraries are in requirements.txt files.

You will probably need to add a path before each filename. Example ./data directory/filename

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Hi I am in the same problem but thanks to you all, it worked well now to me too. Thanks!