FileNotFoundError: streamlit deployment error

I have been getting this error.
app file link: movie_recommender_system/ at main · Chandrima1/movie_recommender_system · GitHub
requirements file link: movie_recommender_system/requirements.txt at main · Chandrima1/movie_recommender_system · GitHub
please help.

Hi @Chandrima1, welcome to the forum! :wave: :balloon:

The error message seems self-explanatory. It says the .pkl files are not found. Looking at your repo, it’s clear that those .pkl files do not exist:

If you need to load files in your app, you need to ensure they exist in the repo.

I have uploaded those pkl file in a zipped file named movie recommender system.7z.001 as one of the file was larger than 25mb

You’ll have to figure out how to unzip them and load the individual files in Python.

could you please tell me how to unzip in streamlit?

It isn’t so much a question of “how to unzip in Streamlit” as it is “how to unzip in Python.” Here’s a stackoverflow answer to that:

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