Getting some error in deploying my first streamlit app

Hey!! I am Gaurav. I have just started working with streamlit to deploy my first web app for my Movie-Recommender-system.

Link to my github repo : GitHub - gauravdev81/Movie-Recommender-System: This a ML based movie recommender system which gives the movie recommendation based on the selected movie by an user.

As I am a newbie so I need your help to resolve this error which says:

Error installing requirements.

Click “Manage App” and consult the terminal for more details.

If you still have questions, leave a message in our forums and we will get back to you ASAP.

Link to my streamlit app:

Plzz hep!!
Thanks in advance.

Cleanup your requirements.txt file, it is crammed with unnecessary and uninstallable packages. This is probably all you need:



try using pipreqs to automatically generate your requirements.txt and try to reboot the website again, should be working now, watch this article here for more information: How to Auto Generate requirements.txt (Dependencies) in Python - 3 examples

Hi!! after removing all the unnecessary files from the requirements.txt file most of the error messege got removed. Actually , I have file named similarity.pkl which is almost 176 MB large, I am trying to upload that file on the github so that I could move to the next process to check whether my app is working properly or not on Streamlit but I am unable to upload the file. As I always get messege “Git only allows file upto 100 MB”.

Is there any way out so that I could upload the similarity.pkl file as it is a very important file for the functioning of my app.

Please guide.


Hello, you can refer to this article here

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