Filtering and Visualizing USGS Earthquake Data

Latest Earthquakes

Hello, community!

This web app is made for CS50P Final Project and it is my first python project other than CS50 exercises. It helps users to filter and visualize latest earthquake data that provided by USGS (United States Geological Survey). Please check my repo for more details.

Looking forward to improve it with upcoming streamlit updates.
Happy coding :wave:

Web App:
Video Demo:


Hey Gorkem, the screens & app are looking awesome. Btw. there is probably a way to limit folium map refreshes: Streamlit Folium Update -- more dynamic maps


Looks cool! We’ve used a version of that dataset in the HoloViz project tutorials at HoloViz Tutorial — HoloViz 0.16.0 documentation ; feel free to steal anything you find useful from there!

I started this project with IRIS dataset. I wanted to use waveform data from IRIS for my marker popups. But they had a security problem and had no access to dataset for a week. I had to move on and didn’t want to risk in case they shut it down again.

I wish i knew HoloViz before i started this project. Looks like i missed out so many useful libraries.

Thank you @TomJohn :slight_smile:

This was my first attempt: link. It definetly works but i have couple problems that i need to figure out before updating it.

  • My map markers disappear after a second.
  • Loading takes too long if i select all quakes from aggrid. But i can still check my markers while loading.

Thank you so much for pointing out that folium update. I was done with my project before that update and i didn’t go back and check recent changes.

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