Fixed size text_input

delimiter = st.text_input("Enter delimiter (e.g., ',', ';', '\t'):", ',')

This code shows the input box below the label. Is there any way of displaying the input box next to the label without creating columns??

Hey @pranavagrawal321,

There isn’t a built-in way to change the position of the label (check out the doc for st.text_input here). You could set the label to be hidden and then add text next to the widget using columns, as you mentioned.

There is an open GitHub Issue for this request here – please upvote it / add your thoughts if you’d like to see it prioritized.

Hi @pranavagrawal321,

In the absence of a better solution, why not:
a. put all your delimiter options in a list with eg. tlst = (';', ',', '\t')
b. use with the horizontal parameter set to true, and the above defined list for the options?