Flicker on text input


I have a screen with a dataframe output that is produced after all the relevant input is provided. I have a radio button that the user can click when all the data is entered to fire off the analysis.

Unfortunately, after the user moves from one text input field to the next, presumably because of streamlit’s model, everything runs from start on every input, the entire main screen which contains the logo and title (which are fixed) flickers.

Is there a way to avoid this flicker? I’m using caching to even get the image which is very small. Here is the logic flow:

maximize the main window (_max_width function suggested by users on this forum)
draw sidebar with text inputs and return user data
draw logo and text
if user has not clicked the run button, st.stop()

Any recommendations on what Im doing wrong or how to stop the flicker? I’m caching the logo image via st.cache.



The flicker went away when I took the title out of a container (beta.container).


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