Fonts and theming in Streamlit

It is simply far too difficult to set global theming in a Streamlit project as compared to how every other part of the API functions. There needs to be an easier way to use a css style sheet that applies to specific elements (i.e. all elements, text/data elements, specific components like st.dataframe). This is such a straightforward ask in a HTML webpage but it’s too difficult in Streamlit apps. Injection through st.markdown doesn’t apply to data elements and I haven’t had success changing in the .streamlit/config.toml file. Please modify the API to make this easier.


Hey @guntherknotts,
Thanks so much for sharing this feedback! It’s super valuable and this is definitely a top feature request. If you wouldn’t mind upvoting this GitHub Issue (feel free to share your thoughts there too), that will help our team to prioritize this accordingly.

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