Formatting in Dataframes - HELP!

I’m facing difficulties formatting my streamlit dataframe

Tried the following - Result below

looking to make all of the dollar amounts to be the same format and justification
Looking to make the year without comma


filtered_df = df.loc[df[‘Investment’].isin(FilterInvestment) & (df[‘LastName’] == FilterLastName)]
.format(precision=2, thousands=“”, decimal=“.”)
.format_index(str.upper, axis=1)

Hello @HarryMelamed,

You can use the .style.format method to apply formatting. For dollar amounts, you can specify the format using Python’s string formatting options.

import pandas as pd
import streamlit as st

# Example DataFrame
data = {
    'Investment': ['Project A', 'Project B'],
    'Amount': [1500.5, 2500.75],
    'Year': [2024, 2023]
df = pd.DataFrame(data)

# Filter logic (placeholder for your filters)
FilterInvestment = ['Project A', 'Project B']
FilterLastName = 'Doe'  # Example filter condition

# Filtered DataFrame (adjust according to your actual filtering logic)
filtered_df = df.loc[df['Investment'].isin(FilterInvestment)]

# Formatting
styled_df ={
    'Amount': '${:,.2f}',  # Format as dollar amount with two decimal places
    'Year': lambda x: f"{x:.0f}"  # Remove commas from years (treated as float/int)

# Display styled DataFrame in Streamlit

Note: To remove commas from years, you’ll have to ensure they’re treated as integers or strings without formatting applied.

Kind Regards,
Sahir Maharaj
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