Free version of streamlit seems to be trial bound?

Hello, i recently tried to create a web app within the “always free” version, but it says it will expire in 22 hours which is something that does not sound fitting to the free plan advertised in the subscription plan table. Could someone explain how i can truly use the free version without being trial time bound? Thanks in advance - i assume that i could’ve gotten this information somewhere else but i didn’t find anything explaining that behaviour myself.

Hey @kangolray

I believe you received an email with the subject We’re putting your Streamlit app to sleep soon😴.

If no one visits your app for a long time, streamlit shuts down the server on which the app is running to conserve resources. If you do not wish for that to happen, you can just visit your app and streamlit won’t close the server. But even if they do, it does not mean that people would not be able to view it.
They will just see a screen like this -

When they will click on Yes, get this app back up!, the server would restart and they will get to enjoy your app once again.

Hope this answers your query :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello this is actually not what I was referring to - but that is my fault for not adding a screenshot. Hence here is the notification I was talking about:

This warning makes it sound like my free app is trial bound.

Hi @kangolray -

It appears that you might accidentally be in the Teams or Enterprise tier. If this is a mistake, please DM me your GitHub user name and I’ll have our support team downgrade you to the Community (free) tier, which does not have an expiration period.