Streamlit deploy app public

I want the public project that I deploy to always stay awake
Is there a free that always stays awake

I deploy the streamlit app publicly, but it goes to sleep after 7 days. What can I do to make it stay awake all the time? Is this free or do I have to pay a fee? Please guide me. to stay

Hi @Abdollah_Chelasi

Apps goes into hibernation mode when unused for an extended period of time. Unfortunately there is no paid offering to keep this from happening.

To avoid this, one may deploy to a commercial offering such as Google Cloud or AWS. More details on how to deploy to other platforms is specified in the following Docs:

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Websites that are located inside Stream Lite stay awake
That is, there is no way to keep the website awake inside streamlit
To always stay awake

I want to deploy in streamlit so that it stays awake all the time, is there a way or not?

I made a small website for a client, but it goes to sleep after 7 days, there is no way to stay awake all the time and never sleep.

This is not a supported feature for Streamlit Community Cloud. You would need to have traffic to your app or commits to your repository less than 7 days apart for your app to stay awake. Since Streamlit Community Cloud is a free service, resources need to be preserved so everyone collectively can have a better experience.

If you need an app that’s up all the time, it would be best to deploy on another platform like @dataprofessor mentioned so you can purchase the level of service you need.

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