FuncAnimation from matplotlib.animation

Dear friends,

I have a script that shows an animation using FuncAnimation from ‘matplotlib.animation’. The script works fine, but it does not seem to work when using streamlit. My code using streamlit looks like this:

animation = FuncAnimation(fig, ...)

Is there a way to show the animation like this in streamlit?



It is possible and you may need to use the components API.

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Hope this helps!

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Dear @dataprofessor

Thanks a lot; it works. In fact, I did have my own primitive solution, which turned the animation into a gif file and showed it using st.image as follows:

ani = animation.FuncAnimation(...)'file_name.gif', writer=PillowWriter())

The solution you mentioned is actually better. However, both methods take time to prepare the animation unlike the ordinary case (without using streamlit) where the animation is displayed right after the ani = animation.FuncAnimation(...) is executed without any delay. So, I still hope to see another solution that shows the animation immediately.

Thanks a lot again.

(PS) By the way, this is the code that shows the animation using FuncAnimation.