Get accuracy in Streamlit

Hi Streamlit Community

I have just created my second Machine Learning project to predict if a song is going to be a hit or not.

And I am trying to find out how to make it interactive. I mean, if I want to know if a new song, that just has been released, is going to be a hit or not, could I use Streamlit to create like an interface, so I could write the features of that song, so Streamlit could return the accuracy of that song to be a hit or not?


Hello @Roma-Rubio,

That’s an ambitious and interesting project!

To answer your question, absolutely! You can build your machine learning process, feed it with inputs from some streamlit’s widgets like text inputs, sliders, checkboxes, and display any information you want with textual (markdown, text, etc.) and graphical widgets (plotly_chart, etc.)

All in all, Sreamlit is all about getting inputs and presenting results with widgets. What you implement and how you use them is up to you

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