Get error when connecting streamlit to a Snowflake database

Hi everyone,

I was following this guide to connect streamlit to Snowflake database (using Snowpark for Python). How to connect Streamlit to Snowflake | by Chanin Nantasenamat | Apr, 2023 | Towards Data Science

And it was successful. I tried with different free databases on the marketplace. I can connect with most of them, but I ran into errors when trying to connect with the database “US Open Census Data & Neighborhood Insights - Free Dataset”

This is the error I run into

I’m just curious why I can’t connect to this database, what are the differences between this database and others?


Hey @sea2709,

Thanks for sharing this question!

@dataprofessor is digging into this – it seems like there might be some type of bug going on with that dataset you linked (it doesn’t seem to be accessible even though it is supposedly free).

Anyways, that’s all to say that it’s an issue on the Snowflake side – the rest of the datasets should work, but please let us know if you encounter others that don’t work and we’ll add those to our list to investigate. And thank you for flagging this!

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