Snowflake connectivity in streamlit-cloud has some bug


I followed the tutorial for snowflake connectivity in the cloud and always ran into issue. I then tried the code in colab and it worked. Finally, I tried the code in local mac and it worked too. Wonder what is going on in the cloud version.

Steps to reproduce

Code snippet:

import streamlit as st

# Initialize connection.
conn = st.experimental_connection('snowpark')

def load_table():
    with conn.safe_session() as session:
        return session.table('customers').to_pandas()

# Perform query.
df = load_table()

# Print results.


# .streamlit/secrets.toml

account = ""
user = "SNOWRAKE"
password = ""
warehouse = "COMPUTE_WH"
database = "RAW"
schema = "JAFFLE_SHOP"
client_session_keep_alive = true

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Thank you, @rakstream, for reporting this.

It may indeed be a bug or an issue that we might be able to solve.

Without the specific error message, it’s a bit challenging to pinpoint the exact issue. Could you please send us the error log trace, along with some snippets of your code?