Getting Invited for a School Project

Hi everyone!

I’m David Kubala from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. I’m looking to get access to host a school project that I’m working on to visualize the progress of open GitHub repositories over time. We’re coming up on the end of the semester, and the project is due soon. I can migrate over to Flask and Heroku if need be, but I prefer Streamlit for its streamlined user interface and easy to use API. If someone could send me an invite to the platform, I would be very appreciative.



Hi @Dave_K, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Did you sign up via the signup form?


If you’d like to see the project, the source code is currently hosted on Github as

Hey Randy!

I did sign up with the signup form.

Thank you!

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Yeah I too am waiting for an invite. Any clue on how long sharing invites usually take?

Hi @Djmcflush, welcome to the Streamlit Community.

The invites are processed manually still, as we’re still monitoring the performance characteristics of the system and ensuring that we’re growing in a responsible way. Invites can take several days, depending on the backlog of sign-ups.


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