Getting Server Error A10

Hi鈥 am trying to deploy my first web app using Streamlit share. I am getting an error message mentioning Server Error A10. I am able to deploy it locally.

The github link is Python/streamlit/Iris ML WebApp at master 路 anupsam7/Python 路 GitHub

I hope that you can help me out.

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Hi @anupsam7!, and welcome to the Streamlit community! :balloon::raised_hands:

You may want to check a handful of tickets dealing with that A10 error (e.g. this one)

Hope you can resolve that way - Please let us how it goes! :slight_smile:



Hi @anupsam7,

Your app should successfully deploy once you remove the spaces from your repo name on Github or replace it with underscores:

Happy Streamlit鈥檌ng! :balloon:


Hey @snehankekre . Thanks for the tip. I corrected the repo name and got the process started. After the initial 鈥榊our app is in the oven鈥 message, the app has been stuck on the black 鈥榩lease wait鈥 screen for a long time. I tried rebooting the app a few times.

Could this have anything to do with my requirements.txt file? I have added all the python libraries that I use in the .py file and their version number.

Would appreciate your assistance.