My app stucks in the oven

My app was running very well for days. Today it suddendly stucks in the oven. The app link is here:


Could anyone please help me? Thank you very much!

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Hi @jon_snow, :wave:

We’re currently investigating the issue and will keep you posted shortly.


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I also have same issue

I can’t seem to deploy at all getting Server error [A10]: Unable to create app

Tried signing out, clearing cookies - removing authentication with github etc

Same issue here! Tried “Rebooting” the app and still nothing…

Thank you to everyone working hard to resolve the issue!

@Harry_S @craig_red @AkashSalmuthe @jon_snow

All apps are up and running and the latest incident has been resolved. Thank you for your patience! :pray:


I have the same issue. My app link is here:

Hello, I have the same issue with my app:

It has been working fine until a few days ago.