Google crawling can't index page

this is an awesome framework.
I’ve now developed a first application using it and deployed that in a Docker container on my own server

I wanted it to be indexed by google, however the crawler doesn’t seem to use the websockets so it indexes the page where it still says connecting.

As a result of this the Google result looks very bland and obviously also Google doesn’t know anything about the content of my site.

Is there a way to set the page title and to supply a <meta="description" content="..."/> tag outside the python methods, so that they will always be loaded by google? Or is there something else I’m missing?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

Hi @f1nnm, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately this is still an open issue :confused:

You could add a comment on the issue to bump it up a little, I’ll also share with the team to see where it rests in the roadmap! Thanks a lot for your input :slight_smile: .

Have a nice day,

Ah, thank you. Didn’t see that issue among all the others.
Will definitely comment there.

You too, have a great day!