Google Drive file / directory uploader?


We would like to allow our user to select a file or directory from their google drive rather than their personal computer. Has anyone succeeded in setting up a flow such as this? Was not able to find in the forum or other resources.

Additional information

Streamlit is awesome and weโ€™ve been able to do everything else we needed to do so far :slight_smile:

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Hi @noamgat,

Thanks for posting!

Have you considered using Google Drive API to create this functionality in your app? You might also need Google-auth for users to authenticate.

Let me know if this ends up working for you.

Happy Streamlit-ing! :balloon:

Thanks! Yes, it will probably be possible in that way, but then we will have to create our own UI for it in streamlit, and our internal users wonโ€™t have the google drive picker that they are used to from other platforms. If all else fails we will try this route.

You mean the picker from google? I think you should be able to integrate it using the components API.

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