Google Search Console site verification

Has anyone found a way of verifying a Streamlit app which has been deployed in Streamlit Community Cloud in Google Search Console?
In GSC one can either:

  • verify ownership of a site by downloading a html file to put in the root directory of the server serving the app
  • or add a meta tag to the <head> section of the app’s html.

Neither seems possible (because the html is being generated by a Streamlit server that the app author has no access to).
Without being able to verify the site, the author can't request the site gets indexed and crawled. Without this, you might be waiting weeks for Google to find it and crawl it.
I'm aware of this post in the docs but Google usually doesn't just find your app on its own within a week so being able to make Google aware of your site by being able to add it to GSC would improve matters.
A couple of similar previous user queries on the forum haven't been solved so if it isn't possible I'll raise this as a feature request.

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This will work in the meantime: embed the app in a Github Pages site and then either put the Google Search Console meta tag in the <head> section or the GSC html file in the root of your Github repository (or any other domain you own). The page is about Analytics but you can add just GSC verification using the same idea.


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