How to connect Google Adsense with streamlit app

How to add Google Adsense meta tag inside my website head tag

My app

I have used markdown and components methods
But it did not work , verification goes failed

So how can I connect Google Adsense with streamlit app or Connect Google Search console

I am using latest version of streamlit

Hi @SIDDH_Gandhi, warm welcome to the community! :wave:

I’m not overly familiar with AdSense, but although there might be CSS hacks to bypass certain layout restrictions and enable it, I believe it would be preferable to host your app elsewhere than Community Cloud to gain the necessary control for effectively using it.

As for connecting to Google Search Console, what specifically are you after? Would you like to track the SEO traffic coming to your app via GSC, or something else?


I want to use GSC

You may want to try this.