GPT Lab, your own OpenAI GPT prompt repo + playground, built entirely with Streamlit

Want a life coach, career coach, keep-it-real best friend? There’s an AI for that. Can’t find what you are looking for? Go ahead and build one. Introducing GPT Lab (beta):

Streamlit + Firestore + OpenAI (GPT3 and GPT3.5) + hosted on Streamlit Community (also experimented with hosting on Google Cloud Run)


Is source code available? @dclin

I did something similar a couple months ago hosted on Cloud Run as well, GitHub - mattmajestic/openai-streamlit: OpenAI App built in Streamlit

@piam No, I have not made the code publicly available. I did, however, discuss and shared a bulk of it in the blog article: Building GPT Lab with Streamlit

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EDIT: just made the code publicly available.