Hello, I’m trying to deploy my app. When I click on create new and deploy it, everything goes well, but I get the following error:
“graphviz.backend.execute.ExecutableNotFound: failed to execute PosixPath(‘dot’), make sure the Graphviz executable are on your systems’ PATH”

I’m believe I have everything in my requirements and the path is in my system. On my local environment the app runs just fine, but the issue is once it’s deployed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

“Your system” in the error message means the deployment system.

Yes, I assumed that much. Is there a possible solution for this?

Probably installing the other graphviz in the deployment environment, as explained in the installation instructions for the python graphviz.

I’ve tried that with no luck. If it helps, my app uses the pm4py python library to generate process maps. I know that pm4py depends on graphviz to generate images. On my localhost the app runs just fine, but not after it’s deployed. If graphviz needs to be installed in the deployment environment how would one do so? The installation instructions don’t mention anything about installing into streamlit community cloud.

Please show us your public github repo.

Having graphviz in a packages.txt file should do.


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