Guidance in deploying apps on secure corporate cloud

Hi all,

I am current Streamlit user and I have use this mainly to develop personal apps to assist my work as a Civil Engineer.

Based on the work I managed to do so far, one of the directors in the company I work asked me if there is a way to deploy Streamlit apps in a secure corporate cloud. This cloud is only accessible internally and the expectation would be to allow several people using the app simultaneously and save their results in the cloud.

I know that in the past there was a Enterprise subscription for this exact propose, but since the merge with SF, that has been removed…

I am looking for guidance on how to accomplish this. Is there any guidance on how to accomplish this?

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Streamlit Community Cloud is now offered as a free service for community use. There are no paid Community Cloud plans offered, though stay tuned for news on Streamlit in Snowflake for secure, enterprise use of Streamlit! You can keep up to date on Streamlit + Snowflake news here: Streamlit and Snowflake

If you are looking to deploy something sooner than later, you can deploy it on your own without Streamlit Cloud. There is more work to do in that instance, but if you already have some cloud provider or internal resources, you can deploy it that way. I haven’t done this myself yet, but it’s on my to-do list to play around with it!

If you aren’t as comfortable building the security into the Streamlit app directly, there are lots of restrictions that can be placed on cloud resources to control how they are accessed natively within that cloud environment’s security settings (mileage may vary depending on provider). Just an option in case it’s relevant to you. :slight_smile:

Still within the corporate environment with machines in the same network and the ability to reach each other…is there a simple process for self-hosting?

For as long as upon launching, the streamlit program shows up in the browser in the one machine
am I supposed to be able to reach the same program from another machine?
is there anything the keeps the program from accepting requests/connections?
is there something easy to configure so that this can be accomplished?