What happened to Streamlit Cloud Plans?

I am pretty sure last week the streamlit cloud page showed the different plans with available pricing, but now this has disappeared. This link https://streamlit.io/cloud#plans (which in this forum show as Cloud • Streamlit) does not lead to the same content as before (see below for screenshot taken last week). Are teams and enterprise plans still available?
I cannot find any announcement regarding this.


From https://twitter.com/datachaz/status/1523932647143411712?s=21&t=fDy_GMCdexfZP57Rclz1JQ

As part of our merger w/ SF, we’re working on a better platform for securely hosting apps for companies! While we work on that, we move the existing cloud to focus on the community and what the community needs.

We’ll have something ready for preview soon. Stay tuned!