Problems with Streamlit deployment on GCP


I need to deploy Streamlit on GCP and I am facing issues in both AppEngine and CloudRun solutions.

I tried to deploy it on AppEngine using this tutorial How to deploy Streamlit apps to Google App Engine - DEV Community
When I run gcloud app deploy the build runs correctly (it is successful in my GCP Console) and the image is correctly uploaded to but at the last step (Updating Service [default]) I have Error Response: [13] An internal error occurred.
Have you ever faced this issue and were able to solve it ?

I also tried deploying it on Cloud Run using this tutorial : Streamlit Deployment on Google Cloud Serverless Container Platform | by Jishnu | dSights Write | Medium
I am able to create the image and run it locally but when I try to deploy it on cloud run I get this error:

ERROR: ( Cloud Run error: The user-provided container failed to start and listen on the port defined provided by the PORT=8080 environment variable. Logs for this revision might contain more information.

All my code is here : GitHub - AnatolePledg/testGCP

Any help would be much appreciated !


I talked with a Google representative. First he told me CloudRun was the right solution as AppEngine is going to be deprecated soon.

We fixed the issue by building the image with google rather than a local Docker.

This can be done using the command

gcloud builds submit . -t <IMAGE_NAME>