Have a Streamlit Sharing account, but my email address has changed


I have a Streamlit Sharing account linked to my GitHub, but when I originally got the invite it was to my (now old) work address. (I had just started to tinker with this repo, which is just a fork of your example repo.)

I don’t have any way to log in anymore with that email address and my GitHub now has my updated email. Is there any way I can get my login changed?

Hi @CJ_Sullivan, welcome to the Streamlit community!

Our engineers say this was some weird race condition between when you signed up and now. If you can send me a private message with your old email, your new email and GitHub handle, I’ll get it sorted out for you.


So it might have been an SSO issue, not really sure. I see my content now in share.streamlit.io, so that is good. I will let you know if I see it happen again. Thanks!

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