Streamlit Share Dashboard broken?

I’m trying to access the page, but keep getting an error simply saying that ‘This isn’t supposed to happen.’ Then to contact support. Are other people getting this?

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Hey @PLAknazaXM,

This can happen if you’re trying to log in with an email address which differs from the email address that you’ve linked to Community Cloud account/GitHub username in the past. If you want to DM me the GitHub username you’re using to log in, I can tell you what email address it’s linked to.

Hi @Caroline cc: @PLAknazaXM, getting the same error and signed up to the forums just to reiterate this.

I thought maybe it was because I was using a new github account and a new streamlit account or because I am accessing from :nigeria:. Are there any restrictions on either new accounts or certain geos from using Streamlit share?

Thanks in advance :pray:t6:

Hey @africancyborg, feel free to DM me your GitHub username and I can tell you what email address you’ve linked it to

great, I sent an email - thanks