Header Icon's Changing Problem in Multiple Page App

Version: Streamlit 1.13.0
When I change the tab different from main page header’s Icon (emoji) is changing as streamlit.
Main folder> 1_👍_main.py
in pages folder> 2_❌_project.py
In main.py:
page_title= “Multipage App”,
page_icon=“:file_folder:”) # when I press :x: in the sidebar, :file_folder: is disappearing in header…

This is the expected behavior – each page should set it’s own icon and page name by st.set_page_config. Setting in one page won’t carry it over to the other pages.

I want the page_icon and page title to always look the same. When I update the python files inside the Pages folder like st.set_page_config(page_title= “Multipage App”, page_icon=“:file_folder:”), I got this error:
StreamlitAPIException : set_page_config() can only be called once per app, and must be called as the first Streamlit command in your script.

Shortly, I don’t want my sidebar navigation to change the name and icon of the application in the top tab. Is there a way to do this?

The way to do that use st.set_page_config in every page, and make it the first streamlit command you run on the page. If you think you are doing that already, could you share your source code?