Page title and page icon reset every time app refreshes

Hi Streamlit community,

Posting here a question in case anyone knows how to solve it :smiley:

Current behavior:

  1. I set a custom page_title and page_icon with st.set_page_config(page_title="Football league tracker (Spring 2022)",page_icon="⚽").

  2. Every time my app refreshes, and for a split second, the page_title and page_icon in the browser tab switch to the default black Streamlit logo and the name of the .py file.

  3. Then it goes back to the custom page_title and page_icon I had initially set with st.set_page_config()

Do you know how to stop this from happening, and always show the custom page_title and page_icon, even when app is refreshing?

Thanks in advance!