HealthCare Applications examples

Hey I am new to streamlit and have few questions about it. I recently created a simple app just to explore streamlit of Web App for classifying the IRIS flower.
However, to use in advanced setting, I would like to know, what if I have 100’s of features that goes to input. How do I select which features to be used.
Also, can you help me with some applications in Healthcare or Retail industry.

Hi @Trupti, welcome to the Streamlit community!

We use a system of tags to organize content here, and we’ve got one for healthcare:

This list isn’t exhaustive (there are lots of COVID apps for example), but hopefully you can get some inspiration from these apps!


Hello Randy,

Thank you so much!

I have one more question regarding the number of features. If I have like 100’s of input features which goes in the model. How do I display all the app?

Trupti Kirve

Hi @Trupti,

What I usually do for selecting input features is to use a multiselect with default value being all of the features, then user can remove the features he doesnt want as input. Something like this,

import streamlit as st

features_list = [f"f_{i}" for i in range(100)]

filtered = st.multiselect("Remove features you dont want from the list", options=features_list, default=features_list)


You can use this filtered list to filter columns from your dataframe.

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Thank you Ashish. I will try that.

Trupti Kirve