Hello world doesn't work

Hi everyone!

Trying to complete the first app from the 30 Days of Streamlit, Hello World doesn’t work unf on MAC. Installed all components, using VSCode as IDE.

2023-10-22 22.04.23

Tried several comands on terminal, but I don’t get any response from the command line. A bit stuck, will be happy if you could help.


Hey @Kurashi,

In the second screenshot, it looks Streamlit is running correctly (if you copy and paste “http://localhost:8501” into a browser, you should see the Streamlit demo app). If you want to then run your own Streamlit app (it looks like that’s what you’re trying to do when you enter streamlit run streamlit_app.py), you’ll need to first do control+C to escape the Streamlit CLI that you started when you entered streamlit hello.

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Download pip install streamlit make sure you have updated streamlit too.

import streamlit as st
st.write("Hello Wordl")

open terminal and type streamlit run file_name.py

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