Help with Cookie management


There is this cookie manager GitHub - Mohamed-512/Extra-Streamlit-Components: An all in one place, to find complex or just not available components by default on streamlit.
where they mention the following:

Security Note: In shared domains such as, other web developers can have access to the cookies you set and the same goes for you. This is not to be treaded as security bug but a circumstance the developer need to be aware of.

I’m not a web dev, but this could cause some issues, when people try to overwrite the contents of the cookie, right ?
Is there a way to fix it or prevent it ?

For context: I’m trying to build an authentication system that is safe enough to be deployed in production

Hey @NoNeuronsNoStress,

Edit – the creator is Mohamed Ashraf. I’ll try to see if he’s on our forum

Howdy, as much as I would love to be the creator of this wonderful library I’m not :smiley: You can reach out to the actual creator here.

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Ah I’m sorry! My bad. Thanks for the link

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