Some new Components - Threading Management, Router, Cookie Manager, Firebase Authenticator


I was developing a streamlit project and found some of the community components I was using were buggy or had features missing I needed, so I ended up rewriting my own implementations, and creating some new ones.

This is really only one component, the Cookie Manager, and the Authenticator uses streamlit forms, the rest are useful classes.

You can see them here:


Hey, very nice work, i’m using right now for my multipage app, and i’m questioning if the authentication module could be reworked to work for mysql databases using pools? I’m trying to work on this, and i will try to fork an issue on rep. I have a question though, could this be implemented to use role-based content on my streamlit app? Cheers.

Edit: it also has a dependency problem as mysql-connector-python uses protobuf<=3.20.1,>=3.11.0, and the google libraries require other versions (i suppose for certain functions).