Help with Deployment

can anyone please help me with deploying these two ML projects.
i tried deploy these two projects for the past 2 days and failed miserably. i don’t know where I am wrong.
please try to solve the issues and deploy these two projects.

affanmohammed/deploy_streamlit (

these are the issues that I am facing:

Layer ‘lstm_cell’ expected 3 variables, but received 0 variables during loading. Expected: [‘lstm/lstm_cell/kernel:0’, ‘lstm/lstm_cell/recurrent_kernel:0’, ‘lstm/lstm_cell/bias:0’]

[ERROR:8@34.912] global obsensor_uvc_stream_channel.cpp:159 getStreamChannelGroup Camera index out of range

if possible pls deploy and tell me how did you guys solved it so that I can learn it.

Thank you

You cannot use cv2.VideoCapture(0) on Streamlit Cloud (or on any other hosted environment).

using the same

Yeah, on your local computer, but for sure not on any hosted environment.
You have to understand how streamlit works.