🚀 Hey Streamlit Fam! Let's Talk User Session Management!

Hi All!

As we all know, Streamlit is on fire :fire: for building and deploying awesome data apps. But there’s something missing that could really amp up its game, especially for people wanting to use streamlit in the corporate enviorment.

Yep, we’re talking about session management :slight_smile: Picture this: you’re all pumped to roll out your Streamlit app in your company. But then, the dreaded corporate audit comes knocking, and guess what? They’re not too thrilled about the lack of session limits and control over session length. Of course you can try to write your own custom session managment control, however it would be muuuch simpler to have some standard best-practice-functionalities “in the box”.

Imagine being able to:

  1. Keep a lid on the number of simultaneous sessions per user to keep things running smooth, snappy and more secure!
  2. Set session timers to ensure security and stick to corporate policies.
  3. Get all the juicy details for audits with insights into who’s doing what and when.

With these session management features, Streamlit could be the MVP for corporate deployments. We’re talking about winning hearts (and audits) left and right :slight_smile:

So, Streamlit Crew, are there any plans regarding user session managment? I have gone through a number of community posts and there does not seem to be a standard approach. How can community help?



As my research continues, I have found one simple solution to ensure that each user can have only one session open at a time. Opening a new session for the same user, such as in a new tab, will expire the previous session.