Hide file_uploader() bottom HTLM/Widget after an upload


I´ve created an app which needs to read multiple files at once. I´m using the file_uploader() component with the parameter accept_multiple_files=True.

My question is if there´s a way to hide the bottom HTML/Widget that appears after uploading a file/s (see picture below)?

Hello @lucasmengual, welcome to the forum,

There was a similar question recently, and I think st.beta_expander is the easiest way to hide the file uploader without having to programmatically play with the rerunning script to see if files were added.

Would that fit your need?


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Hi @andfanilo, thanks for the feedback!

I checked the st.beta_expander() function, but the problem is like you mention it would hide the whole st.file_uploader(). But is there a way for me to only hide the extended section of the file_uploader() only?


@andfanilo I´ll be probably using the st.beta_expander() function for the moment :+1:

Maybe in the future you can consider adding a parameter like hide_extended=True in the st.file_uploader() for example to tackle this issue, specially when people use it to load lots of small size documents (i.e +100) and the extended window doesn´t show “Showing page 1 of 33” :yum:


Ah I misread your problem, +100 documents wow that’s a lot :slight_smile:

Could you create an issue on Github with your need, and linking back to this post for more context?

In the meantime you can cheat with css:

import streamlit as st

css = """
.uploadedFiles {
    display: none;
# or `visibility: hidden;`

st.markdown(f'<style>{css}</style>', unsafe_allow_html=True)
files = st.sidebar.file_uploader("Choose files", accept_multiple_files=True)

Good luck!


@andfanilo, do you know how to change the number of files on a file_uploader showing page ?