Data upload in a multi page app

Hi there, I am building a multi page app where I am using the external “streamlit_option_menu” as page selector. The app parses a file and then shows some data. I had the file_uploader in the sidebar - which works fine. I entered the single pages with "if file is not null and selector is “xxx”: (Side question: I would love to clean up my code and have the different pages in separate .py files. Is there a way for that?). But now I wanted to add some options to the file_import and wanted to move it to a main page to keep my sidebar clean. If I use the same architecture to run this file_upload page, I run into the problem that file = st.file_uploader… is not run and nothing is assigned to file… The cleanest option I can think of would be a new “hide=False” option for all streamlit APIs; similar to the disabled option ( Would that be possible? Or am I missing a simple workaround? It would also make it easier to e.g. share states of selector buttons between pages

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