Hiding the header in 1.31.1

Hi there

I’m using Streamlit 1.31.1 and Python3

I am using st.markdown to create a custom HTML header.

The issue is that there are a bunch of HTML tags/classes wrapped around this in the browser, such as:

<div class="st-emotion-cache-uf99v8....

How can I remove this boilerplate HTML wrapping around the content?

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Hello @streamlitisawesome,

You can use the st.markdown function with the unsafe_allow_html=True parameter to include custom CSS in your app.

hide_streamlit_style = """
                /* Hide the Streamlit header and menu */
                header {visibility: hidden;}
                /* Optionally, hide the footer */
                .streamlit-footer {display: none;}
                /* Hide your specific div class, replace class name with the one you identified */
                .st-emotion-cache-uf99v8 {display: none;}

st.markdown(hide_streamlit_style, unsafe_allow_html=True)

Hope this helps!

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