St.markdown is not working properly on streamlit version 1.7.0

Hi All,

We have an application built using streamlit and we use st.markdown extensively. I am testing the changes on after version upgrade from 0.7.0 to 1.7.0 I have observed that markdown is not working properly as it is not showing colored texts.

Below is the expected behaviour

Instead of showing the bold and colored text the new version shows a plain and simple text.

My code:

from htbuilder import div, h2, styles
from htbuilder.units import rem
def display_header(title, color, pos, size):
        div(style=styles(text_align=pos, color=color, padding=(rem(0), 0, rem(0), 0)))(
            h2(style=styles(font_size=rem(size), font_weight=410, padding=0))(title)
        ), unsafe_allow_html=True)
header_txt = "#013220"  
display_header("  - MyApplication is an integrated portal for actionable Analytics/AI/Machine Learning driven "
                   "insight for the different business groups at xxx organization", header_txt, "left", 1)