Using ChatGPT to build base for streamlit apps

I wanted to share one of my favorite ways of using ChatGPT right now. GPT-4 is great at producing a basic Streamlit app which I can then expand on. It saves a ton of time. Generally what I’ll do is give it a brief idea of what I want to build and ask it to brainstorm good features for that app, and then I give it a prompt like this:

“Build a python3 Streamlit app that serves as the base for this program – you can write stub functions for anything complicated and I will implement it later, for now just return fake data or responses as needed; focus mainly on the core features and structure of the code”

It only takes a minute from basic idea to a shell app I can run and start enhancing right away.

Here are some examples

Quick data exploration app - Data Exploration Streamlit App

A more involved back and forth on building a News Dashboard app - News Dashboard Features

Anyone doing anything similar?


No quite what I do, but that’s a pretty nice assistant you have going there.

Thanks for the prompt, though in my opinion this is just good for understanding the project structure, chatGPT sometimes overestimates the capabilites of StreamLit haha

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