How about the security level of streamlit framework?

In our company, we pay a lot of attention to security of software program.
Do we have some methods to ensure streamlit framework can not be destroyed by some outer program?
Do we have use some security software like Webinspect, NsFocus or other safe tools to make test on streamlit framwork?
How about our security test result of streamlit framework?
if we had found some vulnerablities, do we have methods to repair them?

Thank you!

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Hi @BeyondMyself,

Let me check with Streamlit’s engineers if we have info that would help shed some light on this.

I’ll keep you posted.


Hi, do we have some updates for this?

Hi @BeyondMyself -

Are you referring to the security of Streamlit the open-source library, Streamlit Cloud or both?


If time is enough, I suggest we make full secruity tests.
If time is limited, please test open-source library first, such as latest 0.88 version.
Thank you.

As part of our continuing operations as a company, we generally do security audits of the systems and software that we are using. But as far as the open-source project goes, we are not currently in the position as a company to certify releases on behalf of the users. If your company is doing something that needs high security, you should be using your own security testers.


What I need is that security test result of streamlit release version like 0.88 or 0.89.
The open-source concept, we have different definition, during last dialog, I mean it is streamlit itself .
Can you provide webinspect or NsFocus or other safe tools test result about streamlit?
We need a specfic security check result announce, if it can be showed on homepage will be better.
Thank you.