How can I downgrade streamlit version in terminal?

i have updated streamlit latest version but now I want to go back to the previous version how can I downgrade the streamlit version in the terminal because my hosted website won’t work properly in the latest version?

It depends on the package manager you used to install streamlit and should be explained in its documentation.

If you used pip, read the user guide, in particular the section about installing packages.

Hey i want to downgrade as well. How to do it. Using pip

If you do not want to use the latest version of streamlit, you can add you streamlit version in the requirements.txt file as streamlit==<version>.
Coming to downgrading in the terminal, I am not sure if that option is available.


Kindly follow the below instructions

  1. goto terminal and locate your application path and activate your environment and then type
    pip uninstall streamlit and then type pip install streamlit==1.17.0 . This is just an example for downgrading to version 1.17.0. you can type in any version.

  2. Are you running your application in local system or streamlit cloud community server?

  3. If local, then point 1 is sufficient; if cloud then go to requirements.txt file remove version from streamlit and add below 2 lines in your config.toml


showErrorDetails = false
  1. push these changes to your github repo and then rerun your streamlit application

Thats it.
If problem sorted, like and mark as solution.

Happy Streamlitng…