How can i hide the navigation bar that includes streamlit pages?


the goal is to hide the navigation bar on the side and not allow the user to switch between the pages, is that possible ?

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Hi @tarek-kerbedj

By default, the sidebar panel is not displayed unless it is explicitly defined via st.sidebar as a prefix to methods like write(), header(), etc.

Thus, to hide the sidebar, one can avoid that by not defining the st.sidebar as mentioned above.

Hope this helps!

hey @dataprofessor sorry for the confusion , i meant how can i hide the pages sidebar that shows the files located in the pages directory

Hi @tarek-kerbedj

I see, itโ€™s a multi-page app which is inferred by the presence of app pages in the pages sub-folder. Can you try renaming the pages sub-folder to something else.

in that case, would that allow me to navigate between the pages? say by clicking a button or something else
my goal is to hide the pages AND navigate between pages using a button

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