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i have a multipage app i added new pages into the pages folder but they dont show in the side bar

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Can you provide us with a bit more information like your folder structure?

When you create a multipage app you folder structure should look like the following:

|------> pages

where the is the main app that you run using the following command streamlit run

sorry. i just find out that the pages are there but the sidebar where the list of pages are show has a side scroll. how can I increase the page list so it will show all the pages without having to scroll
my structure is
page 2

how can i eliminate the vertical scroll bar and see all the pages

Hi, I’m having the same problem. My pages aren’t showing on the sidebar and I don’t know why.
My structure is:

@daniloandujar I can also recommend you look into streamlit extras module from victoryhb for a custom menu if you do not like the standard one:

@Yasmin_Danmusa I have the following structure on Github with folder <github_name>/30DaysofStreamlit/tutorialapp/ as my main folder of .py file and added a subfolder called pages which has:
1 -
2 -


  1. Can you check if it is the naming convention of your pages files e.g. use spaces: 1 -
  2. Can you add the Github project in a subfolder and see if that resolves it?

Let me know if option 1 or 2 worked

Hi, thank you so much for taking your time to reply. Apparently, the problem I had was that my streamlit wasn’t updated.The version I had didn’t support the Multipage feature. I just upgraded it to a later version and it worked. I didn’t change the structure of my project or anything.