How can i increase the streamlit time to 5 mins or 10 mins

Im getting the status code 504 error after 30 seconds but in the back end the result is generating succesfully. can anyone please help me with this to resolve this type of error?

Hey @Mahesh_222,

Is your app deployed on Community Cloud or a different platform? Can you share a link to the app and the appโ€™s GitHub repo? Also, what kind of result is the app generating successfully?

The app is deployed in the AWS server I can Share you the link but Iโ€™m not sure whether you have access or it or not

Unfortunately, I think it will be difficult for the community to help figure out the cause of the issue without seeing the app code โ€“ can you share the GitHub repo for the app?

Yeah Sure Iโ€™ll connect with my manager and let you know

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